She’s the girl next door, but with a little more grit. 

Hailing from Marietta, GA, Janie Waddell was raised listening to musical story-tellers. Ranging from Hank Williams Jr., to Brandi Carlile, to Bryan Adams, she was introduced to the art of crafting stories through writing and lyrics at an early age. 

While performing throughout Georgia, Waddell began to spend her summers in Nashville ingraining herself in the songwriting community. After a few years of honing her craft, she officially relocated to the city. 

Her sound is unique, comprised of modern country instrumentation, infectious pop melodies, and a subtle alternative flare. Lyrically, she has an edge and authenticity that makes listeners feel as if they’ve known her for years. It’s dynamic, and that is exactly what sets the Georgia native apart from the crowd. 

Waddell’s debut project is set to be released in 2021, with her lead single dropping in October of 2020.